16th of May 2005
The world was awoken, to the news of a brand new console, this wouldn’t be a console, but a super computer, it would have everything that you needed for your gaming/media/computing needs, for ten years at least, the original console which was showcased, was silver in colour and had what appeared to be a brand new control pad design, it resembled a boomerang, it had three 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, two HDMI ports and six USB ports, though unfortunately that wouldn’t be the final design, here are the specs revealed at Sony’s E3 presentation 2005:

 photo 1-29_zpsa2584f46.png
 photo 2-26_zps7bab7e06.png

 photo 3744287974230407_zps265f171d.jpg

 photo 1138247592514447_zps2dcfc503.jpg

 photo 3857643553131632_zpsf76cd148.jpg

At the E3 show, IBM showed blade servers based on the Cell processor(Thanks eussNL)
 photo cell_blade1b_zps6ad186af.jpg
 photo cell_blade2b_zps05dd3562.jpg

Here, is a link to 2005’s E3 PS3 Presentation

27th of May 2005
Nvidia reveal that the RSX is still under development, yet to be finalised and that the tech demos at E3 were demoed on an upcoming next-generation PC chip, which shares similar capabilities to the PlayStation 3 GPU.


2nd of June 2005
Rumours suggest that the PS3 may not ship with a HDD

8th Of June 2005
Gotou Shigehiro of Japan’s PC Watch, interviews Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Ken Kutaragi regarding the PS3:
Original Interview.
Beyond3D Forum – Translated Version Of Interview.

21st of July 2005
During “PlayStation Meeting 2005”, Ken Kutaragi discusses the PS3 and the Dev units, here are some shots of the show via IGN
 photo ps-meeting-2005-sonys-ps3-schedule-20050721020714456-000_zpsa90be408.jpg
 photo ps-meeting-2005-sonys-ps3-schedule-20050721020712940-000_zps2adb913f.jpg photo ps-meeting-2005-sonys-ps3-schedule-20050721020716581-000_zps806a1c16.jpg


8th of November 2005
Due to a patent published by Sony, rumours start circulating that the PS3 is trying to stop pre owned games sales, by locking a game to a single console, here is a quote from the patent:
 photo SonyPatent2005_zps5fab0375.png

16th of November 2005
Sony releases a statement, assuring the public that their recently released patent, will not tie a game to a single console, here is a quote:

“I would like to clarify that this is false speculation and that PlayStation 3 software will not be copy protected to a single machine but will be playable on any PlayStation 3 console.”

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